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What else can you chop with an ae slicer? Cooking life hacks for you for you in your kitchen, slice a kiwi, pineae and more. How to make salads or full meal quickly and mess free. More Kitchen Hacks ➜
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Crazy Hair Lady: Keep it up with the food/cooking hacks!
Wokolie?: man, It has been a long time ago since I last watched this channel I think I have been subbed for 3 years
1 2: U both r best and I love your video to watch and thanks for replying my comment
tone fjellstedt: Love it! Good commenting during the video. It was really nice to watch :).
Spirit Dancers: I don't think I have seen one of those slicers for years.
This is not new!
This looks like a promo video for a shopping channel. Have you been sponsored to do this? lol
juleczka: nowy format jest super, tylko na przyszłość: "fruit" jest rzeczownikiem niepoliczalnym, więc nie tworzymy od tego liczby mnogiej ;)
Martin Joseph-Harlin: BIG LOVE FOR YOU TWO ^^ <3 (and yours little princess) From Vietnam.
long-time listener , first-time caller: between the pineapple and the citrus fruits, what a mess haha!
C. Lynn Higginbotham: Plant the pineapple top and grow another one
OrangeXenon54: Polish pride <3
Tinka Brinsek: That's soo easy.?
ZAMYTIL TV: Почти как с ножом.Бред это все,для ленивых
carla .raso: but I would say...don't put pineapple on pizza! :D
Marisa Delgado: Love your vídeos, could you please put subtitles with the important or relevant words? Thanks
cloclo69530: The quality is better than before and I love that !! Even if you aren't english you speak very well :) I am french and i understand the video because you don't speak fast :)
Last but not least I have learned things in this video so ??
Florbz: I remember my family owned one of these and we used it all the time to slice apples for snacks after school (we didn't use it for anything else though)! Unfortunately, we stopped using it after the blades got dull and didn't slice properly. Do you know an easy way to sharpen them instead of buying a new one each time?
Ooo Sss: I see from the statistics that this channel is slowly going to die. You lose about 2000 subscribers every month and the number of views well... It's just pathetic... Do something otherwise You will wake up with a dead channel...
Bez Talentu: Perfekt inglisz
Phancy Cat03: I love how the apple slicer makes a perfect cylinder in the middle of most of the fruits. Alos, I love your videos and channel. Keep up the awesome work!!
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