JUSTICE LEAGUE Official Trailer 1 Reactions Mashup reZigiuszBackstage

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk0TumSLI4k

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Aiden M... Should have called this film Just-Ass League.
Delling... Fk Warner Bros.
GHOSTS... the most wathever movie of the year
Reveali... You have to be ready...you and the others....and whoever steps in to play Batman....there's an attack coming from far away....but i don't care.....cuz im out.....its not my problem anymore - Ben Affleck
Jason S... who else was trying to watch the trailer and was like SHUT UP
Bobbie ... I LOVE THE REACTION CHANNELS! for ppl like myself who suffer from cancer and or other debilitating dieases it helps us to enjoy what other ppl who enjoy what we do with them. SO THE MORE REACTION CHANNELS THE MERRIER I SAY!
bill ha... Ha Aquaman looks like Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins,
Adolfo ... Why does a simple quip make everyone laugh their ass off?
Adolfo ... I hate the guy in the bottom with the grey shirt.
Adolfo ... Nerds ruin everything.
Abigial... Where th is super man ??
Ancalag... Please stop putting JaeRetard is these mashups, his reactions are annoying as fuck.
Irish R... Can you do The Avengers React to Justice League Trailer Reaction Mashup
yorkiyo... rip marvel
moses m... jaeroar,!!!!!!!
David G... why not all reactions in the video? at least 1 man is not in
FrBlank... you should change these to "Overreaction mashup"...Tyrone's reaction is always the only natural one.
Ryan Ha... If you read the comics, the things with wings and glowing eyes are called parademons
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