Let's Play Battle Brothers 1.0 Part 1 Gameplay Introduction / Beginner's Guide Rossali

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CdiBAkFkWY

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Papier ... I do like this, buy all the guys on hire, check who's got stars, reload, buy the ones with the good stars.
Jim D... Very good explanations. This video is actually very useful for beginners.
Counter... 3:00 look at the background around the character.... It's bothering so much
Ninja C... Heh..."Ass Gear"
MEOW me... the accent though
Melissa... I love this kind of video where Marbs explains game mechanics in detail!
Trust I... Is this out on Mac yet?
Ser Bea... "Don't give hats with vision penalty to your ranged guys"
proceeds to give a hat with a vision penalty to the ranged guy

Excellent work! Looking forward to seeing more of this game and whether it's worth overcoming my aversion to the visual style.
DrumSti... Archers can hit targets through your troops if they are right behind them btw, you don't have to move them to the side.
Abyssio... Haven't played this game, but is it viable to create a 'tank' character in this game? Marb mentions miner's are bad because of low fatigue, despite high hp. Could you make a miner whose only real purposes is to take aggro and be a meatshield for your other units, or is the AI smart enough to ignore a ploy like that and instead focus on your offensive characters?
Rasel G... I love your choice of games. U've earned a sub and a like. :)
Marbozi... Not a Battle Brothers expert by any means, but I spent some time on it before recording this video and will do my best to share what I learned. I hope you'll enjoy!

If you're looking to chat and/or just hang out beyond what YouTube comments offer, the best place for that is my Discord server - you can find the most current invite link (not posting it here, since it might change from time to time) either in a pinned tweet on my Twitter (@Marbozir) or in a sticky post on the subreddit (/r/marbozir).
Izabela... Bit strange a miner having low fatigue stats.
Anthony... So, when you say spears are bad mid-endgame, do you mean all of them, or most/some of them?
Badado ... Great video. I really appreciate all the tutorial information you provided. This game looks really fun!
the Dal... Just got this in the Steam Sale!!!! So excited!
UnHelle... Awesome game, glad to see you do a series on it! I know you've posted many many episodes since now, but for anyone watching don't forget to check the traits each brother has (just above all the stats Marbs went over) as they can be important too!
Rusty T... Is this on Steam?
Tim Sed... This game demands a 'Game of Thrones' Mod (complete with music).
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