Minecraft Lets Play Episode 38 More Diamonds

Welcome everyone to episode 38 of my Minecraft lets play. In this episode I continued strip mining and I ended up finding more diamonds. Sisters Channel My 2nd Channel Instagram Thank you guys so much for watching!

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Vitus B... Voice crack at 17:54
Migueli... Make a sord
Migueli... Said iron rong
Austin ... Put mending for your pick
Naresh ... Smelting ores give u a lot of xp
EpicTro... Diamonds give you XP lol
Kerry M... Enchant a book for 1 xp. It should change after that.
Jocilyn... Hi
Nicole... Instead of enchanting another pickaxe why dont you enchant books with level one enchants until its says fortune for the pickaxe. May put you back a few levels but at this rate ur gonna have 50 enchanted pickaxes before you get fortune on one lol
Sam Ken... You need to add an other layer of book shelfs to get better incarments I put 3 layers
Andrew ... Are you playing this on PS4?
Janneke... Why aren’t you using your silk touch pickaxe. Mine the diamonds with the silk touch and mine them later on with your fortune one. Just a tip, keep on going!
Michael... what is the seed ? i never seen diamonds like this almost in same place

keep the good work up ❤
Finn th... Ooh I think the game was apologising for when it killed you love your chanle
You got me inspired to do my own mc chalet called Finn the fish23 fell free to chek it out
Compy 7... You better mine out of camera
JT Raab... Mine the diamonds with your silk touch and wait til you get your fortune and then mine it
JT Raab... Can you post like 100 vids of this series everyday???? I love them
Starlig... Next Episode! Minecraft POG TV Series Edition: Season 2 Episode 39 -
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Starlig... Minecraft POG TV Series Edition: Season 2 Episode 38 - So Many Diamonds!
GTT_pro... Did you know that if you place a torch under the gravel it will destroy the rest of the gravel
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