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Need for Speed Heat Character Customization All Items Deluxe...

Presented by EA Game Changers, 0:05 Character 1:12 Head 4:03 Accessories 5:59 Top 10:31 Bottom 13:34 Shoes Gameplay recorded with AVerMedia Live Gamer 4K GC573 MotoGamesTV #NeedforSpeed #NFSHeat #NeedforSpeedHeat

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Sushi_m... So cool
jokings... Their is not ONE decent pair of pants. How did they not think to put normally fitting jeans in the game.
Booke68... All these characters just look like weed smoking losers who could hardly afford the bus ticket to the beach nevermind owning even one of the cars in the game. The cars must be stolen I would assume.
Hotel M... I ended up going with the guy with the Hawaiian shirt. Customization lacks but the racing makes up a lot for it compared to the crew 2 where both qualities lack by a lot...
Jonny G... Can you put your name in do they have names
Mxsfxt_... Dude I’m not getting options to customize character how the hell you do it?
Stormer... So no helmets then? Weak. Also, what's with the shared customization between men and women? It was uncanny in FH4, and it's even worse here now that they've included crop tops.
The Crew 2 is definitely still the best game for character creation, by far. Loads of casual attire, race suits, and helmets galore.
Mateusz... Jeszcze jedno pytanie - jeśli wybierzesz damską postać, damskie stroje (przynajmniej teoretycznie damskie...) są na początku listy, czy układ się nie zmienia?
Robson ... Which ones are from deluxe edition?
Olavo F... imagine someone makes tommy vercetti from gta vice city
Botond ... That's exactly why I don't want to buy this game: all characters looks like serious criminals.
Like in GTA.
Gregory... Are there men characters with tattos?
FUN Gam... Nice!!!
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