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Sunbros... have to say i bought the game, and loving it. The biggest complaint for me is idgaf about supercars.... i will never be able to afford one nor do i ever want one.... give me the cars that are actually used by real people.... get out of here with these "super cars" you know the ones... that get destroyed by 90% of the low end cars in reality.
LXG You... No new body Charger????????
Matt Bo... GT Sport take note
Jao... If there's convertible cars, there's NEED to be a cockpit camera.
Jyrrn... where do you go to buy cars?
Angel P... How do you go to the dealership because idk how to get there
Jacob K... Kinda disappointing they decided to leave out modern day sport/economy cars like civic si, wrx, elantra sport, focus st, etc. and decided to add in a lot of high end exotics... i guess thats just how the car world works now but I feel like modifying your car is more exciting than just buying whatever expensive cars exists in the game
3XMANG3... Were is the dealership????
M8U25_... 4:19 most amazing car in the game with GT2RS
Mic Dy... someone know what is the star at the top left corner of certain car?
FogForg... Toyota: we will not support illegal races

Volvo: hold my beer
matizu... Bruh what the actual fuck, BMW M3 GTR 345 bhp?
Henny G... Where do you find the dealership??
Wesley ... My dad used to drive his Trans-Am and Testarossa and F40 is my favorite Ferrari's and Countach and Diablo SV are my favorites too.
Iga Dom... pcmr 4 lyf
Fabrizi... Still nothing Supra
Like_a_... I dont understand why people like this game, its just the same like the other ones with bad physics, small list of cars, overrated graphics and overall its like a phone arcade game...

I thought they finally bring a good game out
Arnold ... At least Heat has the German Supra..
Porsche... Basically all cars I would like to have in FH4...?
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