Need For Speed Heat Xbox One X Gameplay

Need For Speed Heat has arrived and if you can experience it by your own already thanks to EA Access. Heres a small glimpse of what you may expect form the game if youll play it on Xbox One X. (Game was also released for PS4 and PC) Many thanks to EA and EA Game Changers program for delivering me a review code.

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George ... Does this game support the use of pc keyboard?
billabo... There’s one thing that bugged me with this game, the reflection on the bonnet had me returning the game lol
tsar_Mi... what a boring ring shit? Why are cars not damaged? Why does the behavior of a car on the road resemble wetting a tank? Hackwork gentlemen
JTB... Bad Daytime graphics and only 30fps is a deal breaker. A racer in 2019 that's not 60 fps on XOX? smh EA
Tim Sch... You can’t change control settings, so to drive manual you use a button. Wtf!!! At least using the toggle it “felt” like a stick
majorAS... I hate EA
Lil Wil... Need for speed on Xbox is awful but on PS4 it’s on a whole different level of nice ass graphics
Keon... Still waiting for a fxckin 12 player street racing game with a midnight 3 dub edition urban hood style to it.

Come on man , rockstar where you at with midnight club? Tired of these lame ass bland racing games with only 8 players.

The crew, NFS, they all feel so samey and driving simulators
JayK 99... PS4 graphics is better than Xbox
Wesley ... I mostly I played need For Speed 2015.
Senna V... So is this 60 or 30 fps, Ive been used to 30 fps gta 5 so I can't tell
stjo... look fuckin........................ BAD AS FUCKKKKK :-( at when a most wanted remastered? or a hot pursuit or underground?
peter 8... The best best best best console
AZ... This is what all the hype is about ..!? Foh I’m not wasting money on this bs. They could’ve did better
ROME RU... Daylight makes the game look bad
PunkSty... It looks more like burnout paradise
justmki... Women models are horrible and ugly (i'm talking about these in choosing menu for player chronologically before this footage). Handling is strange. Music is awful. That's not my NFS.
Mr X... Looks good
michael... Robloc better graphic
Skrudez... Those ps2 graphics with 30fps ???
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