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Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX1HSqHAOMY

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Bad Wol... I love that Ian always dances with every single iota of his being. He feels the music flow through him and that's literally what you are seeing. ?✨
Brianna... I will always love watching Ian dance. It's so amazing to see people love what they do and get better and better. His control is insane and although they are less posts on YouTube from him now compared to the past, I'm just as grateful and continue to be a supporter.
Gerald ... This kind of dance is like you came home sad and your mind is going somewhere else and you want to stay present just by your self, the music and your movement.... you just dance your sad soul out. Just you, music and your room. Alone.
C Stuck... This style is so smooth, effervescent and clean. He has clearly been evolving, learning and fine tuning his skills and it’s a pleasure to witness.
MIGO GE... Such artist ??
benji00... Not feeling this music at all TBH, but cool to see Ian evolve ?
Tina Ma... His hair is gone... :/
Jonatha... Sheesh man... Ian Eastwood is so amazing and always has been. This man is such a blessing to the dance community. Ian’s muscle control with every move is mind boggling and thank you for being you!
Iris Ga... Ian ! Please do a dance class here in the philippines specifically Bohol
Palmer ... jésus chrîst
Naa ra... He’s always been smooth, but this is on another level using every muscle in his body
MrMooPo... He knows he be getting all the panties wet ???
nichola... Is he losing his drip?
Adrian ... The flow of the movements love it
Abhishe... And my god is here
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