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Iam3P... I beg you. Please make Spiderman 2099 movie. But not animated.
milkyje... Y’all forgetting og Spider-Man ?. This is just a different Spider-Man with a different suits and little to no different powers. Peter Parker could just change his suit and that’s it. Trust me I’m not trying to hate or anything this Spider-Man seems really cool but it’s not that different from the real Spider-Man.
Michael... Nick Spencer? No thanks.

Keep that soyboy away.
djmikio... When you see the greatest living comic creators such as Frank Miller or Alan Moore speaking about their universally loved creations, they deliver zero-hype and actually seem cynical of marketing in general. On the other hand, Nick Lowe comes off like a used car salesman pitching a 90s Nissan like it's the latest Bugatti. ?
Octavia... Message for My Grandchild :
If you read this comment, i hope you understand how I expect this Comic to be the next Movie plan (maybe in 2099).. If yes, put the hardcopy this movie on my graveyard (dont let the marvel knows you have the hardcopy).. Maybe i could watch it in there Heaven..

Ur grandpa, xxx
Clutch ... Glad these are coming back. They all felt underrated and underused.
Spider-... Can't wait to do more comics with Peter. Me and that old timer are pretty shocking cool together.
Stephen... 80 years ago was 1939 80 years later is gonna be 2099
Isaiah ... 2099 is my favorite alternate version of Spider-Man alongside Spider-Man Unlimited and I'm happy he's making more appearances in media. I hope there'll be a Spider-Man 2099 animated series that's actually serious about the character (unlike The Ultimate Spider-Man tv series). I know he's gonna be in Into the spider - verse 2 but it'd be cool to get something that focuses clearly on Miguel and his origin. Hell it'd be awesome if Marvel made a cinematic film of him separate from the current MCU or made a 2099 MCU like the comics
Bootie ... Need a Spider-Man 2099 cartoon
David k... Please tell me you're going to have detailed marvel 2099 action figures like we see here..???
frankmo... Little too excited for your own good I see ?
Ronaldo... Nick Lowe is so cute ?
type2re... Spidey 2099 is lit ?
ManisTi... Yeh toh taati nikla
Issy... Isn’t it Spider-Man 2100 now? After the Spider-Man 2099 comic series ended the story ended in 2100

And where’s the white suit?
Jhovhan... is this gonna be an animated movie or live action?
Auel Vi... Why is there a SpiderMan 2099 and Amazing Spiderman 2099 separate comic series? Help newbie here
AngelFa... It was cool when he made a cameo in Spider-Verse! I hope in the 2nd part he’ll have an important role!
Arnold ... Marvel please new charachers
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