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Azurada... Can you count to four before Waffle Jr.?
SCIØN... I just love the fact that you used the PSX OST from NFS Hot Pursuit, talk about nostalgia
tudy5... What's the yummi build?
Mathiaz... Nobody:

Lambor JHINni
Helleni... Oh my god the song in the start is from a ps1 game i used to play
Swastik... that 2k + plus MS hahahaha xD
Alexand... You should have just skipped II and made a IV out of it.
1k Subs... Please try Aatrox full cirt with hail of blades 3k crits
Jeremai... I tried that build and I outrun a singed, it was pretty fun.
Jelle A... gay
Arda Ay... Janna u kalista u bug?
???????... Kansei dorifto
Hydra G... Quicksilver Sash wants his Content back
Sawyer ... Vandiril did U know that spellshield is completely useless against Rengar?
The Hat... you could had called it
"Need 4 Jhin
The Sequel"
Destroy... Eurobeat: let's me introduce myself
AW... Quinn: I'm the fastest ADC

Jhin: Hold my 4...
Rafael ... what is this song?
El Bash... do tell, how you do this? I assume fleet footwork, and my limited knowledge of the game prevents me from assuming anything else less intuitive
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