Overwatch vs Overwatch 2 Returning Character Models Comparison Cycu1

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JUGO 19... Will those models be includen in the overwatch

Edit: overwatch 1
Overwat... Overwatch1 is more better than overwatch 2
Dream C... I wonder when the rest of the rosters " Updated" looks will be shown. These are Cool tho Genji and Lucios are the best changes so far IMO.
asu... mercy looks great, tracer didn't change much
WesGami... Blizzard pls add a skin that has Reinhardt helm on
Curtis ... Overwatch evolution
Reynai... I like the new mercy and genji
Herobri... I hope in overwatch two Reaper has a quote like
"I need to know where the bathroom is"
MaKayla... Lucio is the best by far ?
eagle b... On Reinhardt you can see that the numbers on the armour alternated from six to nine
Xeniphy... Why not Brigitte she was there
Enenra... bruh what did they do to mercy
4gitte ... I just don’t like Lucios because he’s supposed to be a chill dj not some military soldier
neo got... ok u can hate me but ow 2 tracer looks like a fucking lego figurine
R DUMB... Mercy looks like a karen
vijil... So it's a DLC. Why call it OW2? Oh wait, that's right...
HueMung... genji just put some clothes over his body
Imitati... Wow the difference is night and day ? its like going from a Nintendo 64 game to a PS4!
Hevno... Mai's butt better still be there
Rekt Nu... rdr2 pc trailer vs ingame please :D
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