NFS 2015 vs NFS Payback vs NFS Heat 1988 BMW M3 Evolution II E30 Sound Comparison Make Your Life Greener

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AlpineG... Heat's sound has a more bitey feeling....
Jim Zac... All 3 games look and sound great. NFS for life.!!!
Ahmad N... Why fire in nfs 2015 and nfs PAYBACK so clunky?
No i Pa... For me 2015 still better than payback. I didn't played heat already so I can't say shit about this game
LT1VETT... 2015 is still the best
JC V. F... 2015 still nails the rainy cold night vibes!
Z- Bob-... Nfs heat has too much flames
Gabriel... Os três piores jogos da franquia em um único vídeo
Angelo ... Those flames at downshifts are so fucked up in nfs heat. It looks like a stove.
Antoni ... I miss Most Wanted 2012 sounds, especially the tunnel echo sounds!
???? ??... I don't like the city's I want European maps!!!!!!!!!!
Bartek ... not enough flames
Cyberbr... Payback was the first NFS game I boycotted, and I didn't even bother putting Heat on my wishlist because I don't trust EA.
Lilmani... I wonder they've managed to up the sense of speed.
Joeki11... 2015 Still the best
gigarag... Love the idle rumble that the newer two NFS game have
sunny k... I was waiting for this video ?❤️
Tomas E... Doesn't the first ones look better?
Shubham... People comparing graphics on a SOUND comparison video. Great.

On that note, the sounds are definitely better.
Samsung... God fucking hell the redlining/knocking just gets worse with each game doesn't it
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