Leroy Anderson The Typewriter

Tadeusz Płatek conductor, typewriter "Józefina" Orchestra of the B. Rutkowski Music School in Cracow, Poland

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von bra... This is pure genius. Try to put it at 1.25 speed... the guy looks like some crazy, demented, angered secretatry ran amok.

I'm dying of laughter.
Windows... ...
(And aaahhh, what a sound...)
vadinho... Ah!!! So funny, so good. (I have 2 old typewriters.... besides the lap top and the desktop).
Susana ... Tadeusz Płatek – conductor, typewriter

"Józefina" Orchestra of the Bronisław Rutkowski Secondary Music School in Cracow, Poland

recorded 29th September in Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera during La Folle Journée de Varsovie 2019 “Travel Diaries” festival...Encantador!!!! ....¡¡Con tipeo de máquina de escibir!!! ¡¡Gracias!!
Robert ... Wonderful performance. Most excellent.
Christo... The first time any of the musicians had ever seen a typewriter, no doubt.
???? -... ????
Viniciu... s2
N dN... Magnifique! Bravo les jeunes, c'est merveilleux! I love it, I'm watching all your videos! Bravo, thank you!
?... Great!?
Mert Ce... Interesting
Edwin C... Una completa obra maestra!??
Dsx3962... Excellent
???????... Вот если бы на компьютере то же самое.
Gary M... Another great and fun performance by these talented teens. Always fun to see how much they are enjoying it too.?
As a side note; I wonder how many viewers know where this is from??
Search "Jerry Lewis typewriter" here on YT and you will see this in the movie 'Who's Minding the Store' from 1963. Done without the typewriter what's more. All the more funny as Jerry did the carriage return the wrong way!??
m9801... If you're looking for a period instrument, this is it!
Julian ... Nice
?????? ... Сильно ????☀️
Christi... SUPERBE!SOMPTUEUX!+1 LIKE!(189)
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OuKPtcYcZ0

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