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Alix Ma... 5:00
Luis Em... Gravias por esa rica y prodigiosa cultura un acmirador incondicional
??? AMA... ??
1:07 ???
? ??
Narii M... that's good
Mr.Sabh... Can someone tell me please number 2008 singer name in beginning of the vedeo
Nicolet... Dont even know what she's singing but lovin it
???????... Подскажите, как фамилия пани Агнешки.
???????... Не ма часу) Круть.
???????... Молодцы! Лайк.
TestThe... This is not" talent" they're not using it From giver of talents God Almighty YAH is Salvation JESUS ?*** for His Glory***,. . but for themselves C'mon!.. Who they kidding, they're blinded by Satan like egoist he was too rebel evil, they gonna get a Rude Awakening when they die
???????... Awesome, for sure
djcrazy... i speak english only n enjoyed the first one very much!!
tameka ... Makes the world seem a little more connected seeing this....apparently we are all just plain people.
Door Gl... So nice
Please show some love
Sle hul... Pleace sebscribed my chanal
?????... 와우 판타스틱!!!(I am Korea human)
Aleksei... Awesome, for sure
Ninha S... Roberta. Milada
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