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Minecraft Lets Play Episode 41 Fortune 3 Pickaxe

Welcome everyone to episode 41 of my Minecraft lets play. In this episode I continued strip mining and I finally got my first fortune diamond pickaxe. Sisters Channel My 2nd Channel Instagram Thank you guys so much for watching!

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Anthony... you forgot some lapus in the cave on the left
gamer b... You should make an underground base
5.9 Cum... How do u record your videos on a console?
MASHIPL... You should add like redstone type doors or like pathways that open up when you enter your mineshaft that would be cool!
Shaguft... Finally a Fortune III pickaxe I am so excited to see how many diamonds you will get from the those unmined diamonds!!!!!!!! =)
All the best log;)
Starlig... Sorry Guys that I have the season's wrong (if you go to POG's video playlist on his channel there are 4 seasons total (that's why I got this wrong sorry))
Hero br... What is the difference between Furnace and Blast Furnace?
Starlig... Next Episode! Minecraft POG TV Series Edition: Season 4 Episode 42
?Like and Comment for Next Episode! (Stay Tuned!)
Starlig... Minecraft POG TV Series Edition: Season 4 Episode 41 - Iron Pickaxe - Fortune III
Kambo... Great vid!
George ... Fourth
Pourya ... Third???

Very good
Teghbir... First
Superga... First
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