XCOM 2: Marbs & Odd Dawn Giant Part 66 Legend Co op Campaign - r0s_q

2 Marbs & Odd join forces for a Legend Co op Campaign! Some of the more notable 2 gamay mods used include A Better Advent 2, Grimy\'s Loot Mod, Squad Notoriety, Long War Perk Pack and many more! ChristopherOdd\'s channel: 2 Marbs & Odd Legend Co op C

stars n muffins: Lmao did a stray plasma shot hit the original evac point or something? *giggles * So convenient... :p
Cameron Csendes: The reason the evac got changed was because there was a missed shot that hit the building and was enough to destroy that part of the building
TheKeytium: Honestly we are so close to the final mission sending Chris on this last guerrilla ops, seems a little irrelevant. You could have just ignored it, I can't imagine you are going to get anything worthwhile to contribute to the last battle from this mission.
Alisdair Budd: You have the new cannon you got out of a lockbox, you could put on Amal. Or swap the upgrades such as the Bluescreen magazine to free up a slot. And Danielle has Flashbanger and a free flashbang automatically.

When you have Zombies the enemy counter goes up every time one raises, and they dont die when the Puppeteers do. So in this mission you had 27 enemies eventually, the original plus Zombies raised 6 times. Running away and avoiding them was probably the best bet as otherwise you might have been swamped like you did when you lost the psyker originally.
Cameron Csendes: Please do the alien hunters dlc I know it's VERY late in the campaign but still
Cameron Csendes: Also Soren's axe got removed from someone pressing make weapons available on accident
OldDood: *Marbozir*...You do have one Lock Box that is INSTANT I believe....
Plus War Suits are also INSTANT.
With all the Powered Weapons like Blaster Launchers that would be sweet...
OldDood: Also Marbozir...Doesn't Danielle have 'Flashbanger'?
I get confused with all the LW2 games. LOL
Jorge Freitas: That was certainly an interesting mission right there. the lack of Stocks, however... Maybe you should wait 1 more month to check the black market before the final mission
Wolfeson28: And Amal's streak of 0 damage taken comes to an end at the hands of a 1-damage Faceoff shot from a Gunslinger who should have already been dead. :(
SUN SU: You guys should consider doing another mission with a gatekeeper in it. You are still missing out on the tier 3 psi-amp. It could be super useful in the last mission (i.e. dominate a pet gatekeeper).
TuPtammi: 14:35 you said like you were plan Natasha's action in the first place. you can't shoot primary weapon if that hair trigger didn't trigger.
DarkShadow: I think the reason why you don't have bragdiers is because there aren't that many aliens and you take too many different soldiers, but at the same time you take only 6 for the last mission...
Tommy _44: Did I heard bubble scanner?
Tommy _44: And this video also proved that Marbs have much much better luck than Chris... that reset evac zone....
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