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Wee to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenarypany. Battle Brothers gamay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I\'maying the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss som
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Taihou_chan: My first game just got the first death. a new lv1 bro who just joined in the morning got insta-gibbed in the afternoon with an unlucky crit
Eric Neiman: Great game!
likealightning: little advice, if someone has below 50 in ranged skill you should give them a crossbow. the skill cap for it being useful is lower then the one for bows (cause you dont need much skill to handle it)
Rellana1: If you see a bowyer,pick them up if you can. Those guys have a chance to make a very good bow,given the right materials. Same goes for Tailors.
phil cas: excellent !!! more !!!! " Phil the menace "!!!( french )
Hairyskinback: Marbs I rarely if ever disagree with you but the more you play you will realise that perks are limited and student is definately not worth a pick.
Kheelah Selai: love it keep it up
frothydv: Marbs, Are you aware that an archer can shoot 'over the shoulder' of a teammate without them being considered an obstacle to the shot? (If there are no open spaced between you and your front line) I didn't realize this for a really long time, and it's generally a lot more effective than moving archers to flanks. Enjoying seeing you play this great game!
poilboiler: Thanks for playing all these cool games and uploading videos for us all the time. :)
Hamed Pour: Keep em coming sir. Brilliant videos as always
TinyArtax: With a chance of 20% shieldsplitter is the better choice imo. You got lucky twice, but playing safe is the most important lesson battle brothers teaches us g
Long series would be great.
Bluesquidify: Tip: archers can fire over the front rank if they're right behind it. you don't always have to flank. Good luck!
ABreedon85: Was excited to buy this till I herd permanent injuries... If a char dies he dies, but to spend time lvling a char just so they can be perma gibbed by a missing eye or arm/leg (fuck you Rimworld) is fucking stupid. Doesn't make combat more fun just adds an extra RNG fuck you to the game. Makes it so every time you get hit even at 100% hp its a life or death hit. You have a really good archer being the backbone to your team. 1 low lvling bandit hits your eye now he can't shoot. Might as well have died because he's useless now.
jvry8c: I find archers suck. Crossbowmen have a slightly shorter range but have a greater accuracy and can instantly kill people.
Vladimir Lazarevic: Tip: Skip Gifted perk, it's crappy compared to pretty much every other choice. Another tip: bags and belts combined with fast hands will make you utilize more weaponary, giving you more choice in the fight. For example, you can spearwall till they break it, and then fast hands switch weapons and hit them in the head with a mace, or a greatsword while we are at it. :D Also cool with throwing weapons. Fatigue won't be a problem, there are enough useful perks to cover you there (Brawny is a must pick).
linadze: keep these videos going
Hill Home: Marbs playing one of my newest favorite games? AWESOME :D
Melissa Blick: "I played more than 1000 hours of XCOM" - Marbs. If anyone can claim to be a professional xcom player, that's you!
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