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Minecraft VS Survival Episode 10 I Am So Smart!

In this episode I started building my house in the nether. Instagram Traviss Channel Thank you guys so much for watching!

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Monkey ... Great ?super like ?
Shaguft... Hope it helps?
Shaguft... Pog actually I want to say you that there is a glitch in Minecraft I think that if there are two nether portals in one world and you enter from one there is a chance that you will come out from the other.
What if Travis enters his and comes out from yours?????
So its better you break the nether portal when ever you are done.
Kameron... pog i am smart for building a house in the nether
me why will you make a house in the nether and you cant mine no ores just one and you cant sleep
marc ch... Pog! U are a mincraft God!
Justin ... Hello log ur are the best youtuber like if u agree
Harriso... Plant the berries rate for them to grow and then tap on the and you'll get more
Cernal ... Less go pog 200k
Ali El ... How smart are you? I'm extremely stupid. I think lol.
Serene ... first to like
Starlig... Next Episode! Minecraft POG TV Series Edition: Season 5 Episode 13 -
?Like and Comment for Next Episode! (Stay Tuned!)
Starlig... Minecraft POG TV Series Edition: Season 5 Episode 12 - IQ Smartness
Caden A... First
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rxgnibgR4I