Phoenix Point The Newest XCOM like

Phoenix Point, the newest XCOM like from Snapshot Games, releasing on 3rd December 2019. In this video, I discuss the differences between Phoenix Point gameplay and XCOM, talk about game mechanics, and finish several missions. #PhoenixPoint

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Mustang... These first two video's you've done of PP don't seem nearly as tactical as Xcom, like they don't seem to require as much skill, ie you stand in the open and just fire at the enemies across the map with little/no aim penalties.
Technom... Your one of the few 'dudes' I like to watch play, very informative and amusing. Keep up the good work mate ??.
Felixir... I literally just downloaded xcom enemy within on my phone, and I got super addicted to the game. Happy to find out there's more recent games like XCOM.
Palling... so basically it's stellaris-xcom, huh
Tobot W... bullets do sometimes get deflected by the skull
I'm really looking forward to it <3
TomeOfB... The voices and sound design so far aren't the greatest. X-Com from the 90's had better sound design. I am not pleased. It may be a playable, even tactically-engaging, well-designed game, but the atmosphere and immersion so far are kind of crap.
Connor ... I’ve had to play this game on very low because my computer practically is a potato
Daniel ... xcom but the bad guy is climate change
Roee Ya... what's the prob with epic? first time i buy from them. was also annoyed they changed from steam, but wanted to play so bad (i supported it from early on, as a ufo def fan) so didnt cancel the deal
ikkonoi... The thing where the game says you have a shot from somewhere but when you get there you are blocked by your cover is an animation bug. If you go in and out of aiming mode you can sometimes get it to give you the shot.
RoseSol... 2:04:16 If that is not a bug they have to change the game
Ray84... how you change the overwatch action area?
Nature... Plenty of people live their entire lives with disabled heads.
A Pall... I'll show you that they don't explode (aiming the barrel) = BOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BloodRe... I think the wall protected the explosives from the grenade since you threw them on the other side, they weren't powerful enough to destroy and hit the propane tanks.
Mei Lin...

Imagine what happened if we made a game mashup involving Phoenix Point.....and Two Point Hospital.
How would Phoenix Point Hospital play? maybe it won't sell well, if all those Pandora monsters keep leaving your grunts Light-Headed and inflicted with Jest Infection - and they won't go away unless you build the right facilities to heal them. Ha ha.
Kendall... So while i was watching you play the grenade appeared to be on the other side of the wall that was stronger than nade explosives but removable via propane based explosives.
Antons ... Why are you setting up your Overwatch arcs that wide and far? I thought the thing was to maximise you chance to hit the enemy and catch them at your preferred distance and hopefully without cover, but by defining wide overwatch arcs you're including too much cover which can lower your chance to hit.
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