Contenders Motivational Video

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Luca Al... We WANT MOREEE VIDEEEEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CODA... Where are YOU MATEUSZ M!!!?
martin ... Just watched your video "Dream" today at school and I loved it. Now I'm watching all your videos and I'm loving them?! Keep up the great work man!
Lavesh ... I live to hunt
Facundo... Epic goosebumps
Arjun P... Make these available for offline!! Thanks!
agam sh... @Mateuz M your videos have also inspired me to take up blogging.

People, please visit my blog
Aditya ... You don't know what your videos mean to me. Thanks for the light. Thanks for the hope.
Piu Joh... I just hope you stopped uploading and continue your lazy journey
SuperFe... I have been looking at your profile once every month since you posted this video just in the hope there is a new one. I think your motivational video's have the best. Quality above quantity! Keep doing this great job
Daniel ... please come back
Bartosz... I listen to it everyday during my workout. gives me so much energy. great job as always Mateusz
Adel Ke... We miss you mateusz
Pearl H... ??? ??? ?? ?????????nn? ??? ??? ?? ?????rr? ?? >> 9414
suza el... >> ???????? ???? ????????sss, ?????? ???? ????????????????! (??? ?? ??????????nnnn) ????????! >> >>
Hernan ... Thanks for this great video its in my top video Im use to morning motivation rutine every day put this video while breakfast... Thanks
Verna L... Gracias por inspirarme con este video! ???
Dim3nsi... This video should be remade and edited to the Joshua VS Klitscho Boxing fight. would be epic :D