Lego Technic RC M577 APC from the Aliens movie 4K] Dakann

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dbzispi... Subscribed and clicked bell for the love of god this thing is unbelievable!!
Marie B... love you Sariel!
Gennadi... Hi!
I and my son were amazed by this work!
Many people asked you already, but still, I want to ask, can you find out how to assemble this model?
You wrote two books.
In these books do they have an assembly instruction?
I understand You are creating these models for yourself, but it seems to me that if this is not shared, then why show it?
My son very loves lego and he would like to assemble this armored car (RC M577 APC)!
And of course, he really likes the movie about Predator and Aliens... ;-)
Best Regards!
???????... 低評価 エイリアン説
Ricky-T... Interesting build design. It's unfortunate that this is only a MOC.
mark wa... Can I buy one of these
doom858... constructive criticism.
One create background running a customized technic design like this requires the proper atmosphere.
Two The design itself is amazingly done a tutorial or selling a tutorial book could be beneficial to many lego designers.
Three the hubcaps are suppose be gunmetal grey not black.
The custom needs space for the marines to fit if your going for that perfectionist detail otherwise as remote control toy it's pretty awesome...
that's my two sense on the custom, you did a great job.    :)
MrNoFac... could you submit this to lego ideas if you swaped the sbrick with several ir receivers?
Wire Su... Man, you need to write a parts list and instruction manual for this. This is one of the VERY FEW moc's I would actually pay for info on how to build. Outstanding work!!
Joey Cl... it's a rescue mission, you'll love it.
Caden J... I love the vid I’m a big alien fan I have no alien toys yet but I will soon finally a rc apc from alien you da best
Daniel... mind blown
RidgeBo... That poor apc that ran over that chicken
atlanti... Ashtounding job man.
british... Parts list and build guide please!!! ?
Whitewh... Awesome!!!
Faiezal... This is so cool.. The LEGO people should make a productions of this.. I am sure they will sell like hotcakes.. GOOD JOB Sariel!!
JAmes R... What music did you use in your video?
Hj.Masw... Game over man!Game over! ;-D
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