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ahhh WA... I thought the Strange's assistant is Billy Kaplan
Jim Sla... Mark Waid -- flagrant racist and all-round obnoxious a-hole.
Will never read anything from him again.
Hanniel... Christine Palmer since Clea hasn’t worked out? ?
ufowitn... This gon be guud
???????... Seems like Stephen is gonna be forced into a situation where he has to use magic as a doctor, which will lead him back to losing the use of his hands' stability.
Science... Where is black widow trailer 2
Spider-... Mark Waid is a angry boomer who hasn't written anything good in years.
Colin C... That actually made me care less if they’re the reasons to read....*yawn*
Mr TaTo... <3 <3 <3
Tejesh ... good, when is the movie coming..?
Edy Edu... I would like of make a movie with Doctor Strange.?
Ambrose... I love Doctor strang
Diansya... Dr. Strange ??
Prabhjo... Loved hearing about Supreme Surgeon
Ayan Du... I loved this issue... It was cool...
Itz_ De... I liked Doctor strange
naveen ... Waiting For Multiverse Of Madness..
Theeksh... LOVE MARVEL........
?thekid... I was about to head out to the comic book store but it's closed ?
Minecra... Не вижу Стрэнджа на превью, вижу только Тендерлибае
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