Land Rover Discovery Sport 2020 ENG Test Drive and Review Marek Drives

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Gin2b1... Nice features but awful reliability from this brand...
Realist... He hates the car, probably prefer cars which are built where he lives
Snowhit... the usage of that black plastic in the car interiors/dash is just pain. In less than a few months of using, the "piano finish" looks like scratched old iphone and the amount of fingerprints and dust every day on it is just gross.
Siyabon... The car has amazing specs for an affordable compact SUV, which overtakes its competitors
Andrius... If I need to choose I would choose this or Stelvio over X3 or GLC.
Ambienf... Great review, but I can't wait for SUV's to go out of fashion. They're not bought out of need or for their attributes as vehicles, but as fashion statements - and driven as such.
John Se... BMW X's are a complete joke. better off buying the estate 3-5 etc. Even though the Disco sport is really only a re badged freelander , you do get the true Land Rover heritage. You couldn't give me a BMW!
Charlle... Witaj Marek! Nice video, I loved it. Only you and Bob Flavin can make car videos more interesting.
Tamás ... The bag holding hooks are under the boot floor, placed in the underfloor stowage. There are 4 of them and you can place them wherever you want. ;-)
Luis Go... Is he comparing a Discovery to an NX, Tiguan and X-Tail? Tiguan All-Space is still a compact SUV, X-Trail is bettween Compact-Mid size SUV, and Lexus NX is larger and more reliable.
Faizal ... MercedesBenz and BMW are more unreliable then Landrovers. Disco more expensive because more off road capabilities. If you dont like why making video try to consentrate your favourite Brands.
S S... I love the disco sport.....
Ash Jon... I took my Disco Sport through Snow on country roads that were untouched. It handles itself, this ain't no car looking like an off road vehicle, it actually works!
victor ... GLB
PROJECT... Land Rovers are unreliable
Mike Da... Thanks for the review Marek. I would encourage you to attend a Land Rover Driving Experience centre where you can spend several hours learning all the technical abilities of this vehicle and other Land Rover makes. This would improve your knowledge of the brand and add additional confidence in driving these cars and others off-road. For example, when taking it on your off-road test drive, no mention was made of the locking differential or of the low traction control mode that is offered on this car. It would have significantly improved your off road experience. With the Diff lock enabled, and with the "mud, ruts and snow" mode enabled, I would suspect that you would do much better in deeper sand. However, some of the capability of the vehicle works in conjunction with the driver ability as well. I would be interested in seeing you do a review of the 2020 Range Rover Sport, especially if you have taken the time to attend an LR Driving Experience course.
Mina Sh... we need comparison this with X3 and also old one you didn't made B200 and X2
Toma Po... Land rover comes standard with poor reliability. This is not an option you can get rid of
Vadym P... what kind of transmission here it consume so much gasoline?

P.S. dont't like this car......
Snowpea... This car is terrific. Period.
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