BRUTAL DOOM v21 TOMTEFARS Edition HellScape on Earth 100% SECRETS Martinoz

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Martino... 00:07 - MAP21 The Suffering (Nirvana)

10:30 - MAP22 Catatonic (Catacombs)

24:04 - MAP23 Cask-It (Barrels of Fun)

41:23 - MAP24 Caustic Depths (Chasm), if you hate Chasm, you will hate this map even more
Brutal Doom Tomtefar's Edition is an addon that you must load together with vanilla Brutal Doom v21 to make it work, it changes several things. Tomtefar's Edition brings you a very powerful Revolver, Remote C4 Charges to throw, Automatic Grenade Launcher, BFG10K, Mastermind's Chaingun and more stuff to fire. For example, the basic Pistol can be upgraded with a Silencer - the weapon is good if you do not want to alert the enemies, useful in some levels. THE REVOLVER is something completely else, a very powerful weapon with special ammunition - lesser spawn dies after one shot, watch out for your wrists though! Under slot 3, we have another shotgun that shares ammunition with Automatic Shotty - full auto, 8 shells in the barrel, highly accurate slugs, can be aimed. Slot 5 gives you the Automatic Grenade Launcher - you can launch 6 High Explosive Rounds (separate ammo from Rocket Lawnchair), very useful against small enemies, useless against larger. BFG10K uses Railgun Cores (separate ammo from Cells), one per shot - a highly devastating Superweapon, always accurate, when charged it deals a lot of splash and direct damage. And last but not least... Spidermind's Chaingun - yes, you can use it in Tomtefar's Edition, 1000 high explosive armor-piercing bullets, just remember about short, controlled bursts. Chaingun's separate ammo deals a lot of direct and splash damage, but is quite difficult to control and spread is large with far distance, but the weapon itself is devastating. Also, the throwable Remote Charges - throw them, then detonate, you can throw a lot of them without detonation, the blast of fire takes all smaller demons and does a lot of damage to tougher. As for the HellScape - the maps are larger, secrets have been rearranged, the triggers in some cases are no longer the same as before, and the Chasm is even more annoying than before :)
sailorc... ❤️
Derek M... If it had Alex Jones' voice clips it would be perfect! Search YouTube for Sargon's video: Alex Jones is the DOOMGUY
Xtreme ... no matter what they do ....doom 2020 will never match the hell we all love
Jamie91... That magnum sounds amazing!!!!
T Rez... Anyone know the music to the first stage?
NaoTemT... O doom eternal devia ser assim violento e brutal igual esse doom nao gosto do cenário
Taylor ... Best Sparta kick 47:07
Taylor ... That is some insanely awesome level design
Zweihan... i keep getting script error line 179. is there an updated version of this mod?
Profess... You should use the most recent update of enhanced monsters expansion "BD21 XVME 1.3.1 brutal doom 21 monsters addon" which increases the roster of Brutal dooms monsters with alternates *(autocannon drops from masterminds).

Also check out "Prof.Existentials Tomtefars Extension+EWM V 3.1"
it combines Tomtefars and Enhanced Weapons mods and does a few extra things (combines perfectly with enhanced monsters).
Blitz W... Better weapon sounds than Doom 2016!
Dustin ... Bad ass love it great job
Vault B... Theres already a revolver. btw this is good
David W... I gotta play this one.
decap a... 54:00
decap a... 53:33
Arnold1... wich files i need to play this level?
The las... Rated r for radical
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Martinoz ciekawostki

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