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Andrew ... So why make her morgana le fay she gets humiliated by alot of heroes.
Pratik ... I wanna grab it
1945jos... In my world she married mike Meyers
Daniel ... Liz don't shun away from your MJ persona and looks.
Levi Th... I might look up the parts with her put but not going to watch the show but it's a sham such a phenomenal actress and gorgeous beauty has to be in marvel in the path they choose to go and the destruction of the marvel universe she's to good for this dumpster fire
Patrick... Marvel why would you cancel the runaways and cloak & dagger these shows has so much potential u made spider Man come back to the mcu why not revive them man what a waste of great stories I'm going to miss the cast so much too
Pratik ... Ask marvel why are your constume is like that?
pael .f... I didnt even know she was on the show...season 1 sucked
TheGame... Ah sh** here we go again
Imani R... I want a marvel runaways sequel or marvel runaways season 4 so bad!!!!
Justin ... Are y single
Easton ... 54 and she looks better than many of our American 25 year old woman. Sad but true.
The Bro... Thumbnail brought me here
Han Car... Happy birthday Stan Lee. And it's also my birthday too.
Adventu... I watch Runaways because of Elizabeth Hurley's character. :)
Ddraig ... Morgan is one of the strongest witch in the marvel universe and in this series she was quite weak.
Ira For... Really loved her character in runaways season 3.
TheGame... Just when I thought I could chill from the last runaways video
Nope marvel swoopin me back in
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