Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Wheres My Oil Bro? Part 9 Marbozir

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Menios ... the guy defines "a messed up head".. the freakin panic?
Kevin H... lol you moved your settler into the war instead of sending him south !
FumoSan... Gotta love notifications I just got the one for this video
baloloo... Whoa mama I hope you win
Ramkham... This is why we need to settle more territory.
joachim... no oil? just like every game i play
Drowned... No oil? This means war!
DarkBlu... Marbs about to be the USA and invade every country with oil
ruud va... you have bad luck with oil the last few playthru's Marb
Spiel... Hey Marbs, Happy holidays! You might have already realised, but right at the end you started building walls in Udon Thani (13 turns), when you were going to complete steel in 4 turns, which would automatically build the strongest walls in all cities. Making the production for the ancient walls wasted.
billtan... There is oil to the west of your southern most city of Chiang Mai. It’s in the tundra and not near any river so not going to be a good city but it could be easier to get to and safer
Piotr D... Once you invent Steel, you don't need walls, unless you want a bit of Tourism (with Flight).
Alexand... Those video are pack enough with great content they feel shorter. Time pass faster when you are having fun.
Deluded... Hahaha, there wasn't a No Coal hype, so now we get a No Oil Hype!
Ale Bla... commence operation freedom of oil
Þórar... Spain has potential oil you can deny them. They are also #1 civ atm and someone needs to remove that smirk off their face. Please consider it :)
Martin ... you know, this game has been very weird in a good way. I humbly propose/request that the next one be on the same type of map. it makes it interesting
xM4GiiK... Dang that rNg
Rene Se... Marb you must liberate your oil from your arch-rival Egypt XD
Zak6959... You forgot the cross your fingers for oil. LOL
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