Forza Horizon 2 vs Forza Horizon 4 2003 Renault Sport Clio V6 Sound Comparison Make Your Life Greener

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Damian ... Playground Studios really got super bad at their games...

Xbox games are the downgrade done right...
Mikifb ... Jak wyłączyłeś Drivatar-y w FH4?
Adjie P... FH2 for me, Sounds was good on my Ear
yarroko... Why would they even redo the sound if it wasn't needed?
Xbox fa... real VS most real :)
Dingo... I have no goddamn idea how y'all think fh2 sounds better than fh4 when it's literally just a muffled version of fh4
Yeral R... I like more Forza h 2
Angel Z... Forza Horizon 2 = Realistic
Forza Horizon 4 = Plastic
Hikarme... Lmao the FH4 one sounds like they ripped it straight from Most Wanted 2005
Driver ... Why they didnt get orginal engine sound from FH2?
I mean its easy to updated the engine sound in the car and thats all.
Why they are using the same engine sound from nsx in FH4?
Matthew... More people drunk off nostalgia ??, bet if you switched the audio files around no one will know the difference.
MegaMad... Horizon 2 id argue not only sound better, but looks more natural, nicer and softer. Its simplicity made this game, Horizon 2 is still the best.
Nick Ki... My God... Microsoft can't even make a proper exclusive title these years
treerex... cilo gang
Julian ... FH2 does it ones again
69basta... codemaster is the king of cars sound !! very realistic
General... Hur hur forza horizon 4 bad sound lol XD. I love my original comment. Give me likes gt fanboys
Adam... FH2: Quality
FH4: Quantity
car guy... Forza 2 looks best. Fact. No discussion.
Ahmad G... Well, i will say it again, Forza Horizon 2 will always shit on Forza Horizon 4 in the sound department.
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