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Andrew ... Why earth why does every kree and skrull want to fight earth.
FATHIR ... Marvel pleasss captain iron spider man
Stoneti... The exact same crappy writers producing the exact same garbage content. Every 6 months they shuffle them around to give the appearance of something new. Marvel is dead, you're reading the death rattle of its corpse.
Dethclo... paying for a book full of ads. why isnt this just a free download?
Xavi... my body is ready
SharpPi... MMM
Olee... Who done it!?
Mi Vida... Keep up the awesome work @MARVEL !!!
Leandro... ?
TrekEZ... Awesome. Can't wait to check it
Notifri... worst ten dollars spend in my life :/ , this must have been a 24 page comic, with the Empire stuff.
Ira For... Enjoyed this first issue.
MrMLD19... Rubbish
Comics ... Got Marvel Legacy vibes with this. Kind of wish they put one of these out every 3 months so new readers could jump in quickly and regular readers could keep up with continuity for titles they’re not reading.
Agent 4... This was pure trash, clickbait, false advertising and absolute rip off.
I paid $10 for an preview/advertisement for next year's events and stories.
Alegnor... Marvel I have a story for you
JBlue68... I purchased it yesterday. Great book!
Bladema... Marvel, I want to talk about Spiderman 3, the one that hasn't been produced yet. I was thinking if you can add Mathew Murdock to it, because if Peter will want to get out of that whole drama, he can be the one to help him, maybe even guide Peter, train him into fighting the upcoming villains. I just want this one thing, because I ended up having nothing I expected or wanted. Maybe all people say this, but please, one time in my life, I just want something I can expect coming from your movies. I'm sorry, this entire comment is probably pointless.
Hishi... Original Sin again.
Nathana... Whoooa boy I can't wait for this comic
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Marvel Entertainment ciekawostki

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