Let's Play Battle Brothers 1.0 Part 3 Brigands - r0s_q

Wee to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenarypany. Battle Brothers gamay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I\'maying the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss som

Marbozir: Next day or two might be a bit light on videos, I've not been feeling very well past few days. Sorry about that! More regular schedule will resume asap.
Handle Bard: I think one measure of how good an AI is a game is how often Marbozir needs to say 'Sneaky bastard!' - BB doing well so far based on this episode
Jacob: This game looks like a lot of fun!
Brikkwall: please continue this series
stars n muffins: Love the narration and events so far, tbh; feels really good. <3
VolticSurge: You know,if a town has a Temple,you can get your guys' injuries fixed there,allowing them to heal faster.
Butcher Pete: Can you explain why you get your terrible brothers in reserve? If it was me, I would just give them a cheap shield and then use them as fodder.
poilboiler: As you know most of our battle brothers are stationed in spehss!
poilboiler: Every competent medival weapons channel I've watched has said the same thing, there's not really any evidence flails were actually used in battle and there is no such thing as a shortsword. There are short swords such as for example a Roman Gladius but there was no sword called shortsword.
Pallington the Shrike: MOAR BB!
AkuenSan: I hope this becomes a long running series because I'm loving both playing and watching this game.
Pallington the Shrike: 10:00 You lost 2, but Ok...
kglew2011: Just a tip (this isn't much of a spoiler): While hiring people is always a gamble, there's some things that the game does to reveal things to you. If they have a title, then these are guaranteed traits. So you may not want people with bad sounding titles like " the Coward".
GDF Gerald: dont move forward Marb.Stay and wait while using spear wall its much more effective.Good luck.
reop reop: Great series :)
Nate Ely: Marb, I've been loving this game the past few days, glad you're playing. I noticed a few things in this video, you're probably aware but just in case - You missed a round of ranged combat because you ended your crossbowmen and archers turn instead of waiting for the enemy to move into range then firing at the end of turn 1. Spear wall is super good, you can get multiple free hits without spending fatigue on each attack. Use it and let the enemy try to come into melee range taking multiple free hits instead of moving your spear men into melee. Give your pole arm guys javelins - if you can find a dude with decent ranged and melee combat it can be real powerful to hit enemies from 4 tile range and then switch to pole arm when they get into melee with your front line.
Pluskat78: The fight system is like Forge of Empires :)
Feaisian: I am sure you have figured it out by now but for other viewers: Range bros could shoot one rank behind the front guys without fear of friendly fire.
the Dallas Dapifer: Is it just me or does Torlief look like Vincent Van Gogh?
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