Exclusive trollsky helikon patch giveaway ! - Trollskyy

I became a brand ambassador of Helikontexpany, and they made a patch of trollsky chameleon :) This is their instagram /helikon And this is mine :) /helikon
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gwizdus: Would be nice to win something for once ?
Bob Bray: My handicap wife left me.? So I stole her wheelchair. Guess who came crawling back ?
m s: Trollset
Forge In The Holler: You got to love that Trollsky’s hair even matches the red patch dude!
Peter Chamberlain: And the Lord said unto Mosses come forth, but he came fifth and won a teapot.I only speak English , but I watch all your movies.Keep doing what you do  you are an artisan and a master of your art.
Peter Chamberlain: Bourbon, I make my own, its so easy , the only trouble is it is so pure that I don't get a hang over. Cheers
Peter Chamberlain: As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Predator, "if it bleeds we can kill it" Bourbon, knives and a forge what better recipe for being inventive.
Dan Fraser: Granny was showing Grampy her new thong diapers when he started praying,,, sweet angel of death take me now.
FREDmaster: Bracie do trola Ci daleko. Nie widziałeś chyba mojej Żony. A tak poważnie to robisz świetną robotę. To zaszczyt mieć Takiego rodaka. Pozdrawiam.
Gary Brown Forging On: I like the muscle creature patches with the chilis on the muscles.. That is great.
Gary Brown Forging On: Keep your bourbon in your apron in front while forging for a really hot time. LOL
Donald Wilson: If your paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel falls off. How many pancakes fit in a dog house? NONE, cause icecream doesn't have bones.
Screws And Tools: The moment when I was happy that a new video was released but this is a giveaway.
Paul LamPton: A monkey is having car trouble and pulls up to a mechanics garage to see what’s going on. The mechanic tells him it will take about 30 minutes. So the monkey leaves his car and goes across the street to an ice cream parlor. 30 minutes later, the monkey returns to the garage and the mechanic says, “Looks like you blew a seal” and the monkey says, “No, that’s just a little ice cream”. ?
michal jaszczak: The stunner next door just came round complaining
About items going missing from her washing line and threatened to call the police......

I nearly shit Her pants!!! ?
MrTymArt: User: hey Trollsky, what’s your favorite whiskey?
Trollsky: an opened one
NORTHBROOK1978: I get drunk on burbon and beat my steel.
Simon: Uwaga naqrwiam hasło marketingowe "Hokus pokus czary mary - burbon, noże i TWÓJ STARY" ?
Z Chinolem Wy ?apie: siema możliwośc jest abyś stworzył nóż dla mnie ?
Adam Pomyka?a: kds
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b56cxP644Ro