Dashcam Fails Compilation || March 2017 || MonthlyFails - Pan Śmietanka

Hi all! Enjoy all of the dash cam fails for March 2017!pilation of bad driving fails, some instant karma moments and more! Stay tuned for new epic failspilationing up next! Cheers! SUBSCRIBE here for more videos ► G+ ► FB ► Tweet ► ▶▶ ◀◀ iFree Net

Steve: 1:56 SO HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobby Sn: Why's it always a guy in a Lada?
Kemosabe 88: they got married but not loving each other = Russian drivers with car relationship. if u don`t care about your own life, that`s why your partner happy if yo are just dead . you can having most beautiful women or sexy car if you have money, but money cannot fix your bad attitude.
Sasho Spasoski: The first video was not a fail, but only a person in trouble. Why would sb try do humiliate a person in trouble!?!?
YOSOY TUPADRE: Vengo aqui por 8cho
Danny Brown: You can't have a lambo in a dash cam fail video and not have it crash
Rohit Shinde: Russians never miss!???
MALAYA CHOUDHARY: the last guy saw the movie, the transporter. almost managed....
Martin Javalera: Vengo por 8cho ekisde
xKira Music: Russians should not be allowed to drive
Hollow: People don't know how to:
1. Be patient and aware when turning
2. Brake when hit
3. Not be looking at their phone when a car is stopped at a crosswalk
4. Make sure it's safe before lane changing
5. Not run red lights
6. Drive carefully and not at a reckless speed to prevent losing control
7. Not leave the scene of an accident when u know it's ur fault
8. Not turn to the left when in the right lane, vice versa
9. Not wait in an active lane to turn left
supreme games 0409: were did they get there license dumb ass university
Colorado Cyber: Russian women are the best... but the drivers are the worst. LOL
Bladeknight Bleu: 1:57 I don't get it!!!!????
JEELEN2: I don't know, all dashcams seem to work fine - no dashcam fails. Sad!
jay ecxxx: Why are luxury vehicles always in the mix? Terrible, entitled assholes.
Psycho Airsoft: 1:57 so nice to listen to Metallica while watching people fail on dashcam! m/ >w< m/
BigBadLoneWolf: 0:32 Arselehole Usually Driving It
Gunnar Nyland: Those people crashing their cars are drunk
IrkMcSpamtroll: Driving is hard
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wv9b3Gx7RU