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Martino... 01:45 Mancubus Toy

07:40 Praetor Suit Point

14:35 ModBot

14:50 Automap

15:00 Sentinel Battery & Cueball Toy

15:15 Slayer Key

20:35 IDKFA

20:40 Intel & Modbot

22:35 Intel

22:45 Sentinel Crystal

24:05 Intel & 1Up

26:00 Praetor Suit Point

29:20 Praetor Suit Point & Gore Nest

31:45 Whiplash Toy

33:10 Totem

37:50 Intel

40:45 Sentinel Battery

41:55 Intel

42:05 Praetor Suit Point

42:45 Totem

52:40 Sentinel Battery

54:30 Intel & 1Up

54:45 Album & Gore Nest

58:10 Album

58:25 Intel

01:00:10 Praetor Suit Point

01:02:05 Intel

Oh, this map is really long with having 25 Secrets in total, lots of Biomes to explore and really difficult Boss Fight. Your Primary Objective is to reach the ARC Headquarters that are being stormed by the demons in proximity, prepare for a long trip. The main entrance to the ARC HQ is blocked by some sort of demonic growth, you will need to find two cannon towers to destroy them. There are lots of the items that you can easily miss during the navigation, look for the cracks on the walls in some locations. You will surely find multiple Praetor Suit Points here, you might be even able to upgrade fully some parts of your armor. The upgrades to stagger the enemies while hit by Frag Grenade are surely a must, multiple enemies will be simply stunned by explosion. It is also a first level where you encounter the fully armored Cyber Mancubus, this is surely a very tough enemy that you cannot ignore. Opposite to the normal Mancubus, this one has no weak points, but the Blood Punch destroys the armor with one, handy to have it charged. As for the Boss Fight, this one surely a very tough to endure, the Marauder has got his shield ready all the time, you must hit when he flashes his eyes. Never try to be too close to the Marauder during the fight, he will blow you with Shotgun, and keep an eye on him and his annoying hound.
dfhwze... 26:29 I thought towers would collapse in these situations o_0
Aditya ... Play in ultra-nightmare then you will see Marauder's real power.
Tem... nice content my guy
Dondlo... Marauder is shit tbh,broken as hell,you need to stay on one spot to attack you,also he is resistant to superweapons,bruh
Tem... cool video keep up the amazing work
Martinoz ciekawostki

Martinoz ciekawostki

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