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Wee to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenarypany. Battle Brothers gamay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I\'maying the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss som
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tugatony27: Where is XCOM so excited for the next mission !
Zran Ashley: Their is a sort to the top button is the one with the six squares in it
Nick Christie: Haha, your Archer pulled off a textbook Keanu: Shoot the Hostage! Saved his life, Marbs. Give that Archer an extra liquor ration.
Yan Tse: this is basically XCOM in the medieval times and less urgent targets.
TheTomkek: The world needs more Battle Brothers gameplay!
OldDood: Medieval Xcom...LOL
stars n muffins: How did Arne survive that lmao... Amazing.
Paulo Fassina: Marbs, Y U NO PLAY MORE? =)
poilboiler: They're like wolves, but dire.
Carl Powers: I would put the two pitchfork guys on the outside protecting the two ranged guys. I assume RNG gets better as you level up, pretty pathetic right now.
Matija Kurelja: Concerning archer misses- why didn't you in that undead fight fire center mass and hope for the best. I mean that was how volley fire and early artillery was used ( gun artillery)
Jean~Luc Picard: Raised white flags mean the character is fleeing. They will no longer fight and don't have a zone of control so it's safe to move away from a panicked enemy. Once you get the "enemy is retreating" notification it means they're all running so there's no need to end the battle for fear of losing more men, best to try and kill some more enemies if you can.
SekretZdzicha: Marb equip your ranged units with knives!
Taihou_chan: Marb, probably you should try using a couple of club guys in your line since the stun can be really helpful sometimes.
SuperMuddyPuddle: Hey Marbs, you should look into buying and selling merchandise, by buying and selling items such as amber and peat you can make a lot of money
Rellana1: I would've held on to the wolf pelts,as that seems like a extremely low price,and they can be used to make extremely good armour later on myself.
?ukasz Ro?: Can't wait for next episode: it's really exciting game :) I hope, You're going to make this a full run? :)
EricTred: great lets play marbs hope you keep playing this . Im buying the support version cause of you! Thanks !
KvltKommando: @Marbozir

when they put up the white flag, it means they are fleeing the battlefield and they will try to run and will not attack, so you get free hits on them when they flee.

also when they put up the white flag, it means they cannot attack you if you move in or out of their range, so you can escape from a bad fight with them if a soldier is weak, or you can easily pass through their attack range without taking damage.

also, you cannot get hurt when they are retreating, they will not fight back when they retreat, so you should've just killed them to get free kills and more drops.
the Dallas Dapifer: I felt all your misses during that fight.
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