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Please, subscribe to my channel for more ASMR videos Lie downfortably, put your headphones on and close your eyes. Me and my \"typy, typy box\" will make your problems disappear, because we can. My Patreon account is for those of you, who want to su
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sunflower seeds: 0:15 automated English subtitles: Oh get balanced meal snap in yo G
Glos Wolny: Asmr górą!!!!!!
michael puente: Been so long since an English roleplay sigh* ? oh well content is still very relaxing ?
CitizenOWorld: What a wonderful whispering video. Thank you!
Bistriy Takoi: почему так мерзко от такого?
TheCsel: I love the ring. And the nails. And the hand movements. Is it possible to fall in love with someone’s right hand? lol
_ Rodos _: I would love to move to Poland, my grandparents left because of communism. How hard now would it be to go back anyone else in the comments?
Colten Hegge: I am so in love
I love Slime: Twój kanał to cud ! ???
Pavlovska x: Wyskoczyło mi na głównej, w samą porę, na dobry sen ❤ ale ubolewam nad tym, że już tak długo Pani z nami na kanale nie ma :( Co się stało? Czy to koniec filmów?
Débora Silveira: I always wonder... Are you a therapist of some sort? Cause your videos always have a therapeutic effect on me. If you are not a therapist, then you should be, because you would make a great one!
Christoffer Eriksson: This womans hands... Most beautiful I have ever seen. And they always put me to sleep.
???: anna how are you doing nowdays! i really miss you :) and i hope your everything goes well !! also i will wait for you here !! bye bye
Stranger Calmness: Polish language is so soothing because of "pshe"
Pawe? Pawlus: Kiedy próbujesz się zrelaksować ale mama odpala odkurzacz?
gambleZ144: miss you!!
Sandra K: Proszę, wróć.
Hassan Elkhafagi: Please back
SoftAnnaPL: English subtitles available! <3
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