XCOM 2: Marbs & Odd Advent Network Tower Part 68 Legend Co op Campaign Rossali

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Kokoda ... Been nearly 4 weeks since Marbs gameplay and we're all waiting on the final mission. Comon guys didn't spend hours of my spare time to have this great series end like this!! At least give us an update wtf is going on! PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Zack Pe... I'm still waiting for the final mission of the Marbs and Odd XCOM 2 Co-Op campaign. Is it ever coming?
The Los... Marbz... have i missed something, why hasnt there been the next episode on odds or your channell.. im sorry in advance if you have covered this in a video ive not seen :D

many thanks for the content :D wish you good karma :D
shaquuu... So is this end of this campaign? I would like to see endgame.
WitOfNi... Really enjoyed the Coop campaign and the effort you and Chris put into it.
Michael... I'm glad that the Black Widow and Buzzsaw rifle only popped up at the end of the campaign - they were around for long enough that they are neat and make an impact, but not for so long that they really break the game or start to feel old or cheap.
Erixper... So, uh, is this not happening anymore?
DarkSha... Marbs, did the russians hack XCOM?
Timothy... Sooo...my question is are the Commanders even going to make a statement to their fans as to what, when, if the campaign continues or ends? This seems so way out of character for either of them. Has anyone heard anything...AT ALL!
Jeff Ha... Have I somehow missed the final mission?
quantum... So um.... ya'll (marbz and odd) know that it's been a week right?
fcbayer... No more CoOp ?
m02eav... Maybe you should liberate you'r .. "pet"? So then it will end properly
Andrei ... (crosses fingers so that the crash doesn't stop the campaign here)

Looking forward to the finale, Commanders! It should be a good one. I'll go buy the popcorn. :)
TuPtamm... 14:45 Julie's still can shoot after using stasis, that's 1 action point skill. also you should consider freezing the codex before shooting them to prevent them from cloning, since you got a hell lot of frost bomb.
17:35 Julie can just soul fire instead of null lance
20:15 that's actually Hardy who hit it, give him some credit!
tugaton... I hope the game wount end up like it did to me I wasnt able to play the final mission because it crashed every single time and didn't find a fix for it either :c
Tommy _... Woh. That explosion range decrease was a lot more than I expected
Tachi... That grenade launcher seems less overpowered than most people thought it would be. At least it doesn't affect the grenade in the utility slot.
Husarz... Julie after the mission: "Commander, can we keep it please? It has no home, I will feed it, and take for walks, and Soren can help me, please? Pretty please?"
Juan Se... Can you not use the staff with the boa? Because it also shoots...
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