Will God Protect CHRISTIANS from the CORONAVIRUS?

Some people think that God will protect them from COVID 19 if they just claim His protection in faith. This is called name it and claim it theology. Name it and claim it theology teaches that we can get whatever we want by the power of faith, even protection against the coronavirus. But is this biblical? Find out by watching this video! Subscribe to Just Be Blessed: Warning Christian T shirt: Support Bible Flock Box: ➤PayPal: ➤Patreon: Check out some more of my videos: ➤5 Steps to Salvation: ➤5 Steps to Overcome Repetitive Sin: ➤May 14, 2020 Prophecy: ➤10 Facts About Fasting: ➤The Truth About the SDA Church: ➤God Showed Me 3 People in Heaven: Follow me on: ➤YouTube: ➤Facebook: ➤Instagram: For sponsorship inquiries, e mail me at #BibleFlockBox #Coronavirus #Covid19

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Bible F... Do you think God will protect Christians from COVID-19 if we just claim it in faith? Or should we take practical steps to protect ourselves like wash our hands often and cover our face when we go out in public? Don't forget to subscribe to Just Be Blessed for sponsoring this video. Also, check out my new Warning Christian T-shirt and get 10%off if you buy now.

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Leah Jo... Excellent study, Greg. Thank you. I fully agree with you.
Realife... My people a lost fora lack a knowledge ..... Corona is not contagious..... It is administered via 5g and soon via the vaccine..... Do your own research...dont just accept anything told for you for men lie....we all know the government lies....i havnt heard anyone question that fact that most government and in agreement and a single topic.....what is this the olympics....right right cause this is all a game for them.....the last time this many goverments agreed on earth wide topic was the Antantica Treaty....and in case forgot Antartica is shrouded in secrecy.....the one world government and mark of the beast draws nearer every day ....lastly satan transforms himself into an angel...the antichrist will come in the name off peace and love ....stew on that for a min
Raúl M... Jesus, I trust you... ?????❤
Kate Le... Jesus I trust you now and forever.
Woga Wa... Jesus I Trust You?
Addyy B... @bible flock box ?why are your merchandise expensive? I mean these re meant to be a means of spreading the gospel so it should be affordable to everyone. Why would you be selling a hooded top for almost £30? Tea mug is £14.50 + fees! Why is a tea cup that expensive? U re making a merchandise of the people & the work of God! This is regardless that you solicite for financial support in your donate page. You need to rethink this as is almost ripping people off in the name of spreading the gospel. You don't even give out free booklets like other channels like Tomorrows World do, so what re you doing with all these monies? This is supposed to be the work of God. T shirts & hoodies should not be more than £12. Tea cups should not be more than £3 - £4. That way, everyone can afford it
Nove UK... Why you not talking about all the other new world order stuff. Bill gates wanting to vaccine the whole world. Are you going to get a vaccine? What do you think about it all relating to the bible?
Kyle Dy... God does protect his own as far as i know anyone who has died has not red the bible and if they did then they did not read the right one, I believe the corona virus is a fear issue to some degree within the soul / spirit not in the atmosphere outside, probably killing or effecting people who struggle with pride.
NinJan ... Jesus I trust you.
Changar... Greg, you are so right about the LORD allows us to go through some very scary things in life to draw us into a much closer relationship and trust in Him. This has been so true in my life! If I had died in a terrible car accident 25 yrs. ago, I think I'd be in hell. I was raised in the church, and "thought" I was a "pretty good" Christian, but I really wasn't. If God hadn't saved me from dying that day, I would never have ha d a chance to REALLY know God, and how much I truly needed Jesus! I've gone through so many terrible things over the past 25 yrs, but my faith and trust and love for God have never been greater! I have printed on my checks, "MY STRENGTH IS IN THE LORD!". When the LORD needs to teach us something, we need to pay attention, and ask God for wisdom, and to help us through it. Your videos are always great and true to the Holy Scripture! Thank You! God bless you and keep you all healthy, and safe! Nancy
Nick Ga... Jesus I trust you, I give my life to you and I repent of my sins in your name
Samson ... Jesus I trust you ????
Godz Re... I'll definitely buy a hoodie.
Darious... Jesus i trust you and there is no other.
Yaniel ... Jesus I trust you through the days and night no matter I’m at my high or down to my lowest I will always seek and have Jesus my father beside me through Christ and his will to fulfill in my journey
Sarah J... Jesus I trust you
Natalie... Jesus I trust You ❤️
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