Sariel's Monthly Workshop Report 3/2017 Dakann

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Tiny cu... Hamsters? I'm fine with that.??
Nadine ... I'm not gonna force you to do anything but please put priority on the Tiger II cause it's my birthday soon (28th april) I would really like to see it for my birthday !!
again you don't HAVE to
kris220... would love to see a LEGO TOG II
because TOG II is best tank, TOG II always wins
TaKtik ... nice work sariel ur epic man I love ur builds
Cameron... Do the Railway Crane :)
Colin C... You are the god of Lego Model Building sir..  Just wish I had the money to buy the newer Lego bricks and the amazing RC stuff for them?  And for that matter the time to do it too!   I do have allot of older normal and tech Lego for the 1990's onwards to the 2005 time which means can build very good Lego big models with lights and tech with the Original pneumatic cylinders etc. But until I get more time and money the Lego will have to stay boxed up in the 4 huge storage boxes for now?  You keep up the great work :)
Technic... can you make a pneumatic engine with pneumatic v2 cylinders
Carman ... Us trucks almost never have trailers with steering axles. A low bed with detachable front would be more suited to the truck
Bernhar... Do real excavators have crab steering? I'm not quite sure bout that.
Are you going to build a B52 stealth bomber? I know it's a kinda dull project but I love the B52s.
James... HEY! I just got a hamster. 1 like= how many years it will live. plz plz plz like
Rocky S... Hi Pawel, I am always afraid watching your great videos because your creations make me feel stupid haha I know you don't make instructions (and got your book1) but I still hope you make some extra photo's when you take them apart. Your grand/children will be upset when they found out you just took apart those cool creations. Like Leonardo DV burning his sketches...
Question1: I guess you will use the servo for controlling the pneumatic switches in de Wastemaster. Those servos are 2.5x the price of a normal PF motor and only in a couple
sets. Is there a way to make a rc switch with a M motor?
Question2: ever considered drilling the pneumatic cylinders? "Not" out of principle? The cylinders are always a bit slow unless gravity helps. I am thinking of only drilling the lower nozzle so up goes fast but down the same. Not much required, only a 1.8mm drill.
Thanks, have a great day!
Caveboy... I love ur channel. Don't forget hamsters
Maciej ...
this is that big turntable
Peter M... Can you build a lego IS-4
Matthie... Hello Sariel, one of my battery boxes is dirty because of bad quality batteries. There's some kind of dust, I assume it is acid from the batteries. How can I clean it without damaging the battery box ? There is some on the plastic and some on the metallic spring...
cyberfr... yeah, a train crane would be cool, you don t do some often.
also, the mark 5 is quite interesting.
Thomas ... Out of interest, have you considered making a lego crate for your gopro? Just so you can see it lifted up from a crane or you can make it part of a container train
Ned103... Omg please make these they're gonna look amazing!!!
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