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Ghostrunner Ray Tracing On vs Off RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Comparison Cycu1

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPzlzR5rRxA

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Akuma... Another example of how unnecessary and worthless Ray tracing is. I mean seriously, I see almost of difference.
First L... So it's just some cleaner reflections in puddles, and looks like they even removed some lighting effects with RTX on? Very strange.
concha_... You only see difference in the dark but very little and I don't but here with the rtx off it's cool more 1:37
Games T... Interesting effort bro ,we have suppo each ather TYub??
Darth K... WOW.. a big use of hardware resources for... No change!! ?
Sponge ... Beautiful content mate ,wanna be YTB buddies?
Again_b... Why make realistic reflections if the graphics in the game itself are bad?
Dhm Dhm... I don’t see any deferent?
jay ful... three words “not worth it”
Lucas C... Lol RTX ON no shadows 1:26
Tommy S... I'm not impressed. Maybe more dynamic environments would show it off better.
Steven ... Raytracing Isn't a big game changer for me.