Let's Play Battle Brothers 1.0 Part 6 Brigand Raider Rossali

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_Tmd4XRNZY

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stars n... I hope you get good contracts, Marbs. <3 Lmao over 100 per day when average contracts are 200-400 is... ouch
SkelliG... "on a positive note, we'll save 15g per day" -marbozir, a mercenary leader that cares
Samio35... Feel like you've been losing a bro a battle marbs. On the positive side, those who survive are going to be fucking badass and/or horribly depressed or antisocial.
Hamed P... great vid as always. Keep em coming sir. thank you
KhaledZ... Marb, the night vision helmet is for the archers, not for melee!
Loalrik... You might want to reconsider hiring killers on the run. Their background gives +10% headshot chance, I think.
Yan Tse... Adelberg, get your shit together!

Adelberg becomes feared of Marbozir instead of the strange shit he saw
Ryan F... This game looks cool but I don't really like the floating heads during combat.
Rellana... Maybe you should try some trading as well. I've heard that can pay very well,if you trade the right stuff.
Palling... 20:34
Eric Ne... Thanks Marbs. Hope you're feeling better.
jhoxha... That has to be a time traveling muton elite disguised as a brigand raider :P
Nick Ch... Poor Level 3 Melee... I was shouting at him not to accept the bait to fight that Raider 1 v. 1, but the bastard was all Blood Lust and couldn't resist. Pouring out a Mead over his broken corpse.
Case Co... This is my favorite series in a while from you.
Douglas... Nice to see a game featuring only white men.
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