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What is this world coming to... APRIL FOOLS! Music from my intro: Donors by Letterbox Music from my outro: Dat Step by Gunnar Olsen You can download Graphics used in my Intros and Outro, and many more, for free right here: SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ON PATREON: Big THANK YOU to all my Patrons! SUBSCRIBE! Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram► Snapchat ► AdikTheOne YouNow ► Tumblr ► ► PICTURE ONLINE!!!

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MANUEL ... you sir...are a GENIUS

night h... well played...
Latrell... im just here to see who fapped
MaGMoou... محبوب ????
Th3 0w1... can i get pinned for nothing?
BreadMa... I got clickbaited!
MASTER ... ahahahhahahha
Kalvin ... Ik it was a joke
Insane ... Q: Whats a YouTubers favorite holiday?

A: April Fools! So they can click bait!
Jk but happy April Fools everyone!
Super P... I love how you post the best Try Not to Laugh Challenges on youtube but then you go ahead to post this
7 X... That is to funny
TheOneS... Uughh... the day where i waste time by watching these april fools vids. Already wasted an hour.
Chemden... Well this was a waist of 28 seconds...
zack Mc... well played sir well played indeed.
Austin ... I've been bamboozled
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