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Let's Play Battle Brothers 1.0 Part 7 Ramping Up

Welcome to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenary company. Battle Brothers gameplay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I'm playing the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss some of the game mechanics as I go. Part 1 in particular is sort of a beginner's guide with some tips and tricks that might not be too obvious when starting out. Battle Brothers Playlist ► You can find Battle Brothers on Steam at Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Battle Brothers content as well as other games! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundLet&039;s Battle Brothers Ramping

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Barkovi... It's quite funny how Marbs always acts like he is about to lose although 99% of times he just rolls over the enemies.
reeve19... I had never heard of this game until you started playing it, and I finally decided to buy it. This and Shadow Tactics are two games I am supremely enjoying that I probably would never even have known existed or been sold on if not for your playthroughs, and for that I thank you.
WalrusJ... Its amazing that all these troops are spending 100% of their wages while out of town.
stars n... A great pair of engagements! o/ The direwolf fight went so well...
Yacov S... marbs i believe you should use the aoe attack on the 2 handers
Trust I... Sell the nneettttt fam!
acher21... @marbozir incase you don't know.. you can sort your inventory in the game..
Yan Tse... It might be good to bring some level one brothers on the field just to gain exp to get better, or else they'll die too easily.
Steinar... How do you guys handle guys with two-handers? I seem to lose most of them - but I guess I'm just a bit too aggressive. Atm I've stoppe using them, even though my 2-3 best weapons are two-handers (one which I stole from a dead man in his funeral - God I love those small bizarre stories!)
Ladisla... I wish this game looked bit better.
Minthar... I am deeply enjoying the series :)
Windmoo... u mentioned supplies, but dont buy any...running dry on almost everything. all the guys in the game wont matter if they have no food, medicine, ammo, or tools to repair with... Another thing, there are guys in your front line wearing rags, while some in your back line are wearing actual armour...
Iuri Lo... You should pay attention when the enemy is fleeing, dont waste attacks on fleeing characters, they will receive opportunity attacks
fukckgo... that last town has really cheap tools
EricTre... Go Marbbrigade!
Payas R... I'm in almost as much as you, and already doing contracts that pay 1000-1200. Something real fishy is going on with your seed.
Eric Ne... Hey Marbs, curious why you're not trying to trade some? It's not a main feature, but you can make some needed coin for new/better gear.
Mistyis... "buy a brother" Marbs you a slaveholder eksdee ^^
Clark G... can you name one for me ? the name is clark
?ukasz ... How about morales in this game? Does it pay off to care about your brothers or is it not worth the gold?
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