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Soccer Predictions: Nightmares
Kamogelo Moloto: As a city fans I'm shocked to not ben mendy here, specifically for what he did against wolves and recently Chelsea
Miky0: 1:35 it wasn‘t a big mistake because the striker touched the ball
max kristian: 4:00 i really feel like you are a Messi fan
F a i n t: If vvd made one mistake that doesnt mean he is shit you paigons
Khairul Mizan: 1:29 what the hell was that
Rahil: Notice how they didnt put in when mctominay scored against city cause the keeper flopped
??: 미친 한국인이옄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
CR7: Nice one
Ramdahniopi: Song?
Football Club: Suarez : if u cant Beat them , Eat them
Zlatan : if u cant kick the ball , kick the players ..
Neymar : if u cant dribble past a player , dive past 2 players
Ramos : my brother kept me away from being a bullfighter , so let me do it in the football pitch
?????: 한국어 제목짓는 능력 졸라게 탁월하네 ㅋㅋㅋ
Mikel Artetoang: Allison Beckluiz and Van Luiz ?
giveaways with neo l: This video wasn’t possible without David Luis

AKU• ?JR: indeed, every footballer has made mistakes in every game, so we need to forgive them because they never intended to do it?
norita sumairi: Now we know why messi is more deserved for Ballon d'or
Adil Ahmad: If van disk didn’t make this error this bid wouldn’t have been made
Zeksmon_ pes: Nobody: spanish commentators:goaaaaaallllllllrrrrrrrrrr
John Dayooke: its because of VVD. MNXND made this video
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