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Let's Play Battle Brothers 1.0 Part 8

Welcome to Battle Brothers a turn based tactical RPG, which puts you in charge of a mercenary company. Battle Brothers gameplay includes tactical battles as well as procedurally generated open world. I'm playing the release version of Battle Brothers and discuss some of the game mechanics as I go. Part 1 in particular is sort of a beginner's guide with some tips and tricks that might not be too obvious when starting out. Battle Brothers Playlist ► You can find Battle Brothers on Steam at Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Battle Brothers content as well as other games! You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundLet&039;s Battle Brothers

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TomeOfB... Wow, first there was a crystal skull, now there's a demonic statuette. Evil cultists, evil cultists everywhere...
Dire St... Personally I would put the pickaxe guys on the outside of the archers. They are equipped to deal with threats that make it around the edge unless you have daggers to switch out to on your archers to defend themselves.
MerlosT... I see he still hasnt discovered the split shield ability on axes yet.
Hamed P... I am loving this game with your voice on it. Fantastic as always sir. Keep on cracking
Bluesqu... Well done. Don't forget to take advantage of cheap trade goods for a bit of a cash boost.
BadgerW... A few hints for convenience (no spoilers):
- Only villages and towns can offer normal contracts, keeps only offer contracts related to one of the noble houses later in the game. You can see if normal contracts are offered if you mouse over the settlement on the map.
- There are buttons to sort the inventory.
- Right clicks are often available to save time when transferring items; mouse over to see when in the tooltip.

Still enjoying the series a ton.
Thanks for the videos, Marbs!
Darcy R... "Stubborn bastard." Marbozir's comments are topnotch as always :))
???? ??... Those pikes are damn brutal, man, they deal 60-80 dmg and 90-120 if it hits the head with a crit. This game really could use a bit more balance. You pretty much always lose more in people, medical supplies and tools than you gain from loot and paychecks, unless you can consistently win battles without any injuries and damaged equipment. And thats not possible))
Donkey ... Hey Marbs do you know what the difference is between the types of food you buy for your clan? Is there upsides to other items other than grain.
Thanks keep these coming
Alex C.... Should start diversifying weapons now; Spears are good and all but they do horrendous against armor... though they'll still be useful up until the late mid game. Just don't expect to ROFL over everyone as you did before though - bonus 20% chance to hit is great and all, but missing the utility and raw damage from the other weapons seems like a waste.

Hammers are always amazing to have; Axes to break shields, and Flails are under utilized IMO. Maces can get useful due to the stun ability too.
Dragoon... 5:45 If they have an archer that's probably why. The archer doesn't have a shot and A.I. with archers usally just stays defensive to cover the archer. That or their trying to attack you from range but since it's night they can't hit you from where you were.
Jed Cha... Put better armor on your pikemen/pitchforks, you have two suits that are better than what they are wearing. You are doing well so far this game is hard and the AI is not as dumb as in some other games. You are past the point where they will just walk into your spear wall. Great series overall.
Mak... 3:51 Marbs is the one chasing the thieves to retrive the thing and yet he expects the bad guys to come to him LOL
Brikkwa... finally those 2handers redeemed themselves! They have been so useless so far
Wypadek... There is range attack penalty at night so you really should not fight at night
Ghost i... "However" has to be my least favorite word by now :)
Rem... Seems like you could use some more weapons that do more damage to armour and through armour now that you're fighting raiders.
clickac... The town names sound familiar, but I can't place it.
Thuter... Hey Marbs, how effective is the axe ability to break shields? Seems like a good way to soften those shieldwalling raiders up before stabbing them to death, but I didn't see the numbers :)
stars n... Brigand Raiders: the new ADVENT scouts. :p
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