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Title of the Episode: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life aylist with all videos used in thispilation: Music from my intro: Donors by Letterbox Music from my outro: Dat Step by Gunnar Olsen You can download Graphics used in my Intros and Outro, and
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Little Barry: season 7 is not finale
abas hasan: You people are too fuckin nervous
Deshan Henderson Jr: Every time the saviors got to mess with everyone and take their shit
WolfFreelandFalloutkid: I am The Walking Dead Fan. I might do some the walking Dead videos. I so glad that everybody else likes carl
.: 1:43 bottom left is soooo gorgeous hot dayummmm
I Limu: Watching this back 4 months later I wonder did ppl actually think Rick was gonna die when he got shot?
Donald Moxham: I'm calling it now: There's gonna be an episode of TWD in the future titled "Ain't I A Jadis". And we will all want to Lucille ourselves.
Kyle Alan: 0:34 Mom:Tell me all the bad words you know
Radioactive Raptor: I got to admit when the junk yard peeps turned I did not expect it like at all XD
Ricky- C.88: Ok the betrayal didn't see that coming, Sasha became a walker surprise the shit out of me also Carl going all John Wick awesome move, the bitch shoot Rick that just icing on the cake, but what really got me going is the tiger and seeing Negan run like a bitch.
suck it Negan. and thank you Shiva
Airdon Games: Shiva made me cheer at that moment
Ninja God Ivan: Are they in a basketball game or something?
Hungryhyena78: Hearing that savior getting mauled by Shiva in the background was probably the best sound I've ever heard.
Ben G: Brilliant!
62202ify: .43 dude with the glasses went down the whole list for the dump lady, hey dude, that's why she lives in TRASH. Because no one wants her, even Negan is probably like, "Get out of here you crazy bitch, before Lucille takes YOUR hands, you hot us into this mess, you didn't tell me they had a TIGER"!
Lone Wolf: Lol sheva's like "rawr xD"
zestydude87: You have the best reaction compilations bro!
Halloweenville: How would Shiva the tiger know who is a bad guy to kill, Oh yea because he's CGI computer generated
Flunkiii: Those trash-people were so stupid. What was going on in they'r mind to fight for negan? Even if he threated them, they could shoot him right there.
Super JASIM: At 5:16 the guy in the bottom right holding Negan’a Baseball bat I thought he was gonna be sad they were saved????
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