3999 KILLS & 6000 CS in RANKED! 7 New World Records in 1 Game! Vandiril

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbQvhJzobjU

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Tr?nh T... That Riven kda is not rare i tell you that
Suru... Veigar can spam W because every 50 stacks of his passive reduces his W cooldown by 10%.
Booster... i wonder how this was set un in a ranked game, any info?
lemurie... How veigar can did it with What? WTF CD?
Alec Do... Hey, you know what I just fought out that Riot has fixed Rengar R so that he cannot view the real one when Shaco R anymore, but have they knew that nocturne R can do it too. I have tested it and I works perfectly in Aram. Have a try Vandiril!
Kennedy... Did Riven got banned for feeding?
Kaiyu N... whats the point of world records in RANKED if it was a set up
Try2Hit... ranked?
Javeton... Ok?
Android... How was Veigar casting his W's like that?
RPNeo... and you thought the Poppy bug had the most inflated KDAs
I NN_... why not 4000. that hurts me
Mig R... 3:21 Moral of the story kills > farm the challengers lie to us all this time xD
Castona... Ashe name is big thonk.
S Gatch... So is the blue team banned after this? Then is it perma or weeks?
H.mutaw... can someome explain how was this executed?
did they just rng duo q till they matched up together?
and why didnt enemy team surr?
Bastian... Didn't know there's goblin tag in league hahahaha
Joshua ... wouldn't they just get autobanned for feeding..?
Mattis ... It really bothers me that karthus didn't take dark harvest.
Empere2... after the game karthus score : S-
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Vandiril ciekawostki

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