Long War 2 Let's Play XCOM 2 Part 76 Brutal Snake - r0s_q

Wee to Long War 2! This is an 2 Let\'say series with the Long War 2 mod. Long War 2 is a total conversion mod for 2, featuring a much longer campaign, infiltration mechanics that require multe squads at once, managing resistance havens, nine soldier cla
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Tequila 316: Go you, yes, Grats...
James Grant: If only there was a way to weaponize bad luck
bully08873: I am sure there is a line of sight/some kinds of issues with clearly visible hackable objectives in this game.

I am also not surprised you needed a break from LW2. I did too. It's such a gruelling grind and gets less fun as you go on. The enemies are just ridiculous and never ending.
StuartRobertM: Marbz, you can hack the train workstation from outside .. but from the opposite side you were on.

The terminal is only able to be seen through the window opposite it in the train, not the window it is up against. Confusing, I know, but totally do-able for future reference.
DerAva: And to add insult to injury: one of your shots destroyed the outer wall of the train, making the terminal visible from the outside, so you actually would have been able to hack it from out there (ignoring all those enemy units for now)
stars n muffins: Really unfortunate... but oh well. Another time, ADVENT. :p
Caio Rafalski: The mission name was perfect. Brutal mission, but you did your best, Marbs. Keep up the awesome work.
Wolfeson28: Out of curiosity, any eta on the final mission from the co-op series? I know there are some logistical hurdles to work out, just wondering how they're coming.
Master Yinx: this is why i use technicals in the earlygame, one command, quick burn flame and firestorm and the whole pod is controled in the lategame, fire makes most things useless lol
francesco alivernini: Marbz, gotcha flanked mod has been upgraded. Now you can know if your soldier's moves trigger enemy's owerwatch or activate visible inactive pods.
Sad Max: Well done Marbz. Doing a trap mission without losing a soldier is a success. Kind of crazy you got that far in the game without facing a trap. Mission type "Hack the Workstation" with infiltration 8+ indicates at trap (not 100%, but it's a good hint).
utubeo4r: You can't hack thru the window but from the other side you can hack thru the door.
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