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FIFATV... ?️ What is your favourite stadium?
Chris P... Se parece al glorioso estadio de Alianza Lima, Alejandro Villanueva "Matute"
Antal S... That rainy night in 2008. John Terry's slip and man United's victory.
Justin ... One day I will play at the World Cup
Ketum N... Anfield Stadium???
Stan Ma... My parents Doesn't like that World Cup in Russia it was terrible for me it was boring
John Jo... I was on Final 2018 in Luzhniki ❤️
Isabel ... In LUZHNIKI STADIUM MOSCOW Russia National Football Team Happy 95th Anniversary METRO GWAPO Ni Chairman Bayani Fernando TV Special
takeru ... I'm ?? Japanese, but I watched ?? Russia VS ?? Spain at ? Luzhniki Stadium in the Round of 16 match. It was the largest and most powerful ⚽️? football stadium I went to. I haven't been to the stadiums or Wembley of major ?? European clubs yet, so I can't say anything about the future, but I think it's still a top-class ? stadium. After all, it is really enviable that a top-class dedicated ball game field was built in Moscow, the capital of ?? Russia. It's really sad that ?? Japan doesn't have such a ? stadium in the 23 wards, which is the center of Tokyo.
Ronald ... Best World Cup since Mexico 1970.Nothing can top Mexico 1970,but Russia 2018 is the closest to matching it.
Nacho... Quiero mi fifa 21
Aarav R... Centurylink Field is better...
Asúkar... The best world cup
João P... Next Stadium please!!!
Justin ... How many people are excited for the next world cup?
KOKACHI... ? who's here before a million views
Joseph ... Goosebumps
Daleyza... Come see me, love you
iceking... Claim your ticket here before 100,000 views
Yoda -... Verdanzk Stadium
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FIFATV ciekawostki

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