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Wee to Long War 2! This is an 2 Let\'say series with the Long War 2 mod. Long War 2 is a total conversion mod for 2, featuring a much longer campaign, infiltration mechanics that require multe squads at once, managing resistance havens, nine soldier cla
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Tequila 316: You looking forward to 1.3 Marbs?

Getting rid of a lot of the stealth stuff so i've read.
Yin Chan: I feel sad if this season ends like that. Marbz is one of promising Youtuber I'm look forward to completing this LW2. So unfortunate
o0alessandro0o: Apparently today I catch Marbozir's videos just as they are released (below 301+ views)... Good times, good times :P
Ganymede: dat cliffhager
stars n muffins: 40 bloody days... :/
tnerb tnerb: You know what would be amazing? An "Advent Network Network Manipulation" Mission, where if you're successful you can choose a certain number of soldiers and completely wipe out their notoriety.
life4nina: My biggest problem (as viewer, not player) with LW2 is it turned XCOM 2 into completely different game...

While some of the changes are interesting and fun (again, to watch), such as infiltration, new mission types, resistance personel etc, some are just a bore.

Huge stat inflation is annoying, sure, but what makes me not have almost any fun watching LW2 LPs is stealth, stealth, stealth, stealth, stealth.

It's fun from time to time, don't get me wrong, hell, I actually love seeing a stealth mission here and there, wouldn't even mind if that was a mission type (Do X mission with 1-2 soldier only). But every single mission after early game turns into "hide, hide, hide" and pray to God you don't get detected.

Missions with most chance to succeed are the ones where you don't engage single enemy. Fuck that shit. I want to see shit blow up. I want to see kill animations. I want to see strategic element of combat.
Instead it's either "engage maybe one group at the very end and run before getting overwhelmed" or "You engaged 5 groups at once, evac and pray no one dies before you extract".

Oh well, I hope it's more fun playing the game...
Bernard Chung: Ok, I did the calculation of the infiltration time. Looking at the time you have left, you will be able to do the mission if you boost your infiltration at the end. In order for your 75% infiltration boost to be worth it, your base infiltration (the time you actually spent to infiltrate) will need to be at least 58%, 58%*175%= 101.5% (give it some space) by the time the timer starts to tick down, you have already infiltrated 13% of the facility. Based on how you have around 20 days left and your base infiltration time is 40 days to get to 100%, you will be able to get around 50% more infiltration before the timer goes to zero. 50%+ 13%= 63% and 63%*175%= 110.25%. So you will be able to make it, but only if you clutch the timer to the very last few days, boost the infiltration using intel, and successfully complete the mission. Good luck Marbs!
mineben256: The campaign is not over yet! Apparently, 100+% infiltration will be able to be reached with boosted infiltration!

Important: "Boost infiltration for intel" is retroactive and the bonus will be constantly applied as the infiltration occurs.

Infiltration time: 40 days 21 hours

~5:00 PM Feburary 8 is when the infiltration was started (1:10)
1:37 AM February 14 is when the Avatar Project started counting down (6:10).

5 days, 8 hours and 37 minutes difference.

19 days 23 hours on doom timer.

Total infiltration time possible: 25 days 7 hours 37 minutes

The Infiltration Calculator Google sheet says that with 25 days and 7 hours expiration time, and 40 days 21 hours total infiltration time, 108% will be able to be achieved, and it will go to 100% after 23 days and 6 hours, so there will be almost two extra days of time. The campaign just might be saved.
Wolfeson28: Oh man, this one's gonna be close. From what some other people have calculated, it looks like you'll just be able to get the story mission to 100% before the time runs out, but that mission is going to be rough. If this campaign is going to have any hope of success in the longer term, I think you really need to pick one region and focus on liberating it with any time you can spare from finding your next Avatar project counter. Hang in there Marbz, you can do this!
sqliqbild: "Welcome to Australia, you might get killed".

The aliens took this half-joke wayyy too seriously.
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