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The challenge is for anyone who wants carve belly and strengthen your center. Abs Workout will help you burn fat and get your six pack abs fast! DONATE Patreon Subscribe ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1. In the air, knees to the head 20 times 2. Cru
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Dominika Caban: udało się :) kolejny dzień do przodu :))
Wójtowicz: Zrobione!
_Krupson: Day 1 Done : 23.09.18 Day 2 Done : 24.09.18 Day 3 Done : 25.09.18 Day 4 Done : 26.09.18 Day 5 ! Done : 27.09.18 Day 6 Done : 28.09.18
Matchday Reactions928: Day 6 accomplished ??????
Silpa Sivan: Day 6 done.How do you breathe during scissors,legs up and toe touches?
Florin O_O: Day 6 complete
Juan Manuel Juarez: Day 6 is done!
Hulker Steven Channel: Day 6 completed√
Mohammed A: Day 6 done ????
Pulaala Rajkumar: Done 6th day
Vsk: Day 6 done: 5th May 2020!!
???? ???????: day 6 done
Archie Andrews: Excuse me? The exercise at 2.05 min. We have to do 20 repetitions so doing it both side is calculated as 1 rep or doing 1 side is calculated as 1 ? I do it like going left side is 1 then right side 2 then again left side 3 till 20 is it correct that means 10 each side . Am I correct?
Prince Rider: Started during lockdown time
kd e: day 6 done,
Skonio: #Day6 complete
Silent Panic Studio: Konto zostało zhakowane
Silent Panic Studio: Account Hacking. Work is underway to restore everything
Donald January: I just cancelled my gym membership as I'm thinking it'll be much more effective for me to work out at home. These exercise are great! You just picked up a new sub.
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