BRUTAL DOOM v21 Ethereal with Desert Eagle & Mastermind&039;s Chaingun! Martinoz

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Martino... 00:00 - MAP01 Unknown

00:20 - MAP02 Iron Sanctum

10:30 - MAP03 Repurposing Facility

19:20 - MAP04 Path Of Embers

28:00 - MAP05 Implosion
Dox lately released two new weapons for a Brutal Doom v21 - a Desert Eagle in second slot that can be found in Shotgun spawn and a very unique Spider Mastermind chaingun in eighth slot. Desert Eagle is a powerful handgun that uses THREE pistol bullets per shot, it means that to reload a full magazine (7+1) you need 24 pistol bullets, that's a beast in the machine. One shot is enough to kill any smaller demon up to the Chaingunner in a brutal manner, few headshots (3-4) are enough to take down Hell Knights or Revenenants, but it comes with a price. The Deagle CAN be dual wielded but an attempt results in losing one of the pistols permanently (no joking), the weapon itself is slow and ammo consuming, but a nice one surely to have. Spider Mastermind's Chaingun is a very heavy weapon that can be found only from dead Spider Mastermind's thus it makes it very difficult to find, there is not also a 100% chance to spawn it. It is the only weapon so far that uses both types of ammunition - cells and rockets at the same time while firing it, you better gonna have an Advanced Backpack because you are going to need it. That Chaingun uses rockets as an ammunition and cells to power up this monstrosity, it surely can clear whole groups of enemies even with Barons of Hell or Cyberdemons, extremely powerful weapon. Ethereal is a very nice WAD where we have 5 levels - the first one serves as a hub with three choices to select, we have to visit three different worlds invaded by an unknown hellish force. Each level is surely different and guarded by a Boss, you will explore base ruled by the Programmer that uses BFG, a hollow cemetery with a Cathedral and hellish Hexen-like volcano landscape. This mappack also has some custom monsters, all of the bosses have appeared in Strife, together with some sprite edits from Doom and one basic monster from Hexen, two-headed Grunt.
FullDen... pog
Eduardo... Como é bom mandar os diabos de volta ao inferno ???? tome shotgun !!!?? No stress...rss
IUKC... That animation at 27:55 is so cool
Yericko... Cool gameplay! How do you keep finding these awesome maps?
Also, there's a (non-joke) fixed dual deagles in BD discord.
Spider ... Hey martinoz! I forgot to say for you! My laptop is dead!!
dennys ... This is the kind of megawad i like to see
Elijah ... Where's The Sound!?! How Am I Supposed To Enjoy My Day Without The Sweet Sounds Of Demons Begging For Their Lives??
ILikeDo... The madlad did it.

mia dix... cool bro I've been downloading the project brutality
Jaydaal... Martinoz is this a new version
Doomguy... Buen video, buen mod, buen canal
Doomguy... hi
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Martinoz ciekawostki

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